Why us

VAT was introduced in 1973 as an easy self-assessing tax, but today it is constantly changing and is now seen as a complicated tax and with the small businessman feeling like an unpaid tax collector.

With the ever increasing focus on penalties, it is essential the correct steps are taken to ensure the correct VAT is declared at the correct time and with this in mind we offer a comprehensive VAT consultancy and planning service whatever your business needs.

Business people want to concentrate on the ‘business’ and not sit down at the end of a hard working week trawling through reams of paperwork to complete VAT returns.

The Businessman now tends to either be extra careful and as a result often pay more VAT than is necessary or they leave things to the last moment therefore becoming exposed to penalties and surcharges.

Our consultants have over 40 years’ experience working for HM Revenue Customs with extensive experience in a wide range of VAT issues ranging from compliance checks to your more complex property transactions, to partial exemption.

Our consultants are available provide the help and experience to resolve the day to day VAT issues business organisations are burdened with and help improve the business vat cash-flow.