Am I paying too much VAT?

No business wants to pay more VAT than they have too, and most businesses will apply the standard VAT rate of 20% to their sales, but there are many cases where businesses will be charging the wrong VAT rate resulting in paying too much VAT.

VAT savings can often be made effective from simple changes to the way in which a business operates their VAT accounting structure.  Businesses may also unknowingly use a VAT scheme which is not suited to their business requirements resulting in paying too much VAT or paying VAT on sales which may be zero or reduced rated.

We have the expertise and knowledge to help businesses unlock these opportunities and not fall foul of any VAT regulations in paying less VAT.

We can help reduce paying too much VAT by simply;

  • Maximise VAT cash flow
  • Minimising HMRC VAT bill
  • Assisting maximising VAT recovery
  • We can also carry out a detailed review of the VAT liabilities to ensure the correct VAT is being charged